Cortisone vs. Prolotherapy

A cortisone shot gives immediate relief, but it’s not long term. Prolotherapy is relief as well as long term?

Yes, prolotherapy provides short and long-term relief. Cortisone is an excellent medicine. I’m not downplaying cortisone… if you have a truly inflammatory problem… if you have a calcific tendonitis or a true bursitis, cortisone is a wonderful medicine.

But quite often people come thinking they have a tendonitis, their doctor thought they have a tendonitis, but they don’t. They get the cortisone injection. They feel better for a week or two. Sometimes they go out too early, resume activity and then they can actually rupture a tendon, which is a more serious problem.

So cortisone tends to mask, and not solve, the problem, when it’s a loose ligament or partially damaged ligament or tendon.